Litat Printing

Product Packaging
From a printing aspect, we would like to encourage everyone to get your products printed with a logo and the relevant product details because it is important to let your target clients know who you are as a company and how you want to be perceived in the eyes of them. Basically, it is about creating good visual first impression and providing complete set of product information to the clients. If you are interested in exploring more, check out the guide on bottle printing

Gift (Corporate/Wedding)
Everyone loves to receive a gift on any occasions or life events. The idea of gift just getting better when one can now print your company logo/ special message on your corporate door gifts or wedding door gifts. Business nowadays is running at a very fast pace and we do understand the urgency of it. We will complete the order within an agreed timeframe to avoid any interruptions towards customer business operations/ life events

The sky is the limit! Try to surprise us with your products or any surfaces where you think our specialty could be a value-added service to you.